Theatre, convenience and personalisation – the future for retail technology?

Theatre, convenience and personalisation – the future for retail technology?

The technology to provide theatre, convenience and personalisation is evolving quickly. The likes of IBM, Google, Apple, Amazon and others are investing eye-watering sums into R&D, particularly into voice-activated applications, chat-bots, and the Internet of Things. Although prediction is a dangerous pastime and retail is an industry with more gurus than a magic carpet convention, we can nonetheless examine the technologies already being used in retail today that are going to be at the forefront of change over the coming years

OUR VIEW: Retailers need the creative tech. skills to enchant their customers across a myriad of touch points. Customers today demand an ever changing and personal experience. To visualise these journeys, retailers will need to be flexible, innovative and lean. They must build a culture to attract the best, not just seek to employ the best. To stay ahead, many retailers will use the lessons learned from an E-com 1.0 era to re-platform to a next gen tech stack that is open and accessible, thereby powering a new relationship with their ecosystem.

Source: Speed, excitement and personalisation – the future for retail technology | ITProPortal


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