Blockchain Comes to Fashion

Blockchain Comes to Fashion 

To prevent theft and ensure the dress is genuine, a small NFC chip is embedded containing a private key accessible by scanning with a smart phone. In interaction with the blockchain, the app can inform the user whether the dress is genuine and contain numerous other details, including personalized messages, images and even videos.

…we imagined a future where people could interact with our clothing on their smartphones …[and]…elevate our interaction with the garments that we design to an entirely new level. Their technology offers a vast and until now relatively unexplored potential for a whole new level of label interaction.

OUR VIEW: Blockchain technology has the clear potential to optimise the overweight accounting functions of fashion retailers. But equally it offers the potential to reaffirm provenance for luxury items, power secondary marketplaces and deliver interactivity with the garments themselves.

Source: Blockchain Comes to High Fashion – CryptoCoinsNews


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